Harbourtown Dance Studio

Harbourtown Dance Studio Class Descriptions
Ballet can be used as a foundation for all other dance forms. As students progress, a variety of techniques will be used to bring dancers to their full potential. A typical ballet class consists of the following: stretching, barre exercises where students will master proper technique, movement across the floor (leaps, turns, etc.), and center work. Harbourtown Dance studio has a strong focus on not only proper technique, but proper and execution and appropriate style. Dancers will learn correct alignment, body awareness and, injury prevention. Class content will vary based on the ability and skill level of each class.

Elementary Ballet I (ages 5-7)
Elementary Ballet II (ages 7-9)
Youth Ballet I (ages 9+)
Youth Ballet II (ages 10+)
Youth Ballet III (ages 12+)
Advanced Ballet (ages 12+, teacher placement only)
Beginner Teen/Adult Ballet (ages 15+)​
Pre-pointe (ages 11+, teacher placement only)
Pointe (ages 12+), teacher placement only)​

Ballet Program
Additional Dance Classes

Intro to Ballet/Tap and Ballet/Jazz
The main focus of Intro classes is to develop coordination and movement to music. This class will help young dancers gain discipline and socialization with peers. Students will have fun as they learn the basic fundamentals of ballet as well as develop a love for the art of dance. All Ballet I classes are combined with a different form of dance in order to expose students to different rhythms and techniques. Classes will begin with 30 minutes of ballet and end with 15 minutes of either jazz or tap. Ages 3-5 (beginner)

Contemporary Jazz
Students will learn a combination of jazz, lyrical and modern dance. Modern section will be based on technique formed by Martha Graham and Lester Horton. We will learn new and innovative leaps, turns and floor-work which will be incorporated into different combinations. We will also work on more contemporary style jazz as well as some hip hop based movements. Most importantly, students will learn to express emotion through movement and different types of choreography. Students will be asked to explore and share their own personal creativity and emotion through movement.

Youth Contemporary Jazz I (ages 9-12)
Youth Contemporary Jazz II (ages 12+)
Advanced Contemporary Jazz (ages 12+, teacher placement only)

Jazz/Hip hop
Jazz/Hip Hop is the perfect option for the high energy dancer! In this fast-paced class, students will learn both contemporary jazz and hip hop techniques to today's popular music. Each class will include stretching, strengthening exercises, center work where students will learn basic dance fundamentals, movement across the floor, and either a jazz or hip hop combination will be learned at the end of class. Some kind of prior dance experience is recommended, but not necessary for Hip Hop/Jazz III, as combinations are more complex and much of the choreography will be physically demanding. 

Jumps, Leaps, Turns
Jumps, Leaps, and Turns will begin with a complete warm-up and conditioning. We will focus on flexibility, core strengthening and balance. We will learn both jazz and ballet techniques in this class. Students must be enrolled in an intermediate or advanced ballet, jazz, or contemporary class in order to participate. This class is highly recommended for students who are serious dancers.  Ages 9+ (intermediate/advanced)

Musical Theatre Jazz
This class will teach classical Broadway jazz technique. This style of jazz will be significantly different than the contemporary jazz style. Classes will be an hour long, beginning with a warm-up and barre and/or center-work where students will be taught classic jazz technique and movements. The second portion of class, students will learn a jazz combination based on a new or classic musical theater production. Students will also practice the use of body language and facial expressions to portray emotion on stage, and will be taught basic theater terminology. 

For serious dancers seeking advance their skill level above and beyond what is learned in class, please inquire about private lessons. Private lessons will also be available for students wishing to do a solo/duet in an upcoming recital.