Harbourtown Dance Studio

2023 Winter 1 Session January 9-March 3(8-week session)
2023 Winter 2 Session March 6-May 5(8-week session) *No Classes April 10-14 for Spring Break*
2023 Spring Session May 8-June 16(6-week session) *Spring Recital will be held mid-June*

5:30-6:15pm Elementary Acro I (grades K+), Instructor: Katie, ballroom
6:15-7:00pm Elementary Acro II (ages 7+), Instructor: Katie, ballroom
7:00-8:00pm Ballet/Jazz I (ages 6-9), Instructor: Katie, ballroom

5:30-6:30pm Musical Theatre Tap and Jazz (ages 10+), Instructor: Brittany, ballroom
6:30-8:00pm Advanced Ballet (ages 12+ placement only) Instructor: Brittany, ballroom
8:00-8:30pm Advanced Pointe (ages 12+ placement only), Instructor: Brittany, ballroom 

6:30-7:30pm Contemporary I (ages 10+, or 1-year prior experience), Instructor: Brittany, ballroom
7:30-8:45pm Intermediate Ballet (ages 10+ or 2 years prior experience), Instructor: Brittany, ballroom 

5:00-5:45pm Preschool Ballet/Tap (ages 3-5) Instructor: Alicia, south studio
5:00-6:00pm Elementary Ballet/Tap (ages 6-9) Instructor: Morgan, ballroom
6:00-7:30pm Intermediate/Advanced Ballet (ages 12+, placement only), Instructor: Brittany, ballroom
7:30-8:00pm Beginner Pointe (12+ placement only), Instructor: Brittany, ballroom
8:00-9:00pm Advanced Contemporary (ages 12+, placement only) Instructor: Brittany, ballroom

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 
*Open for new classes, private lessons, rehearsals, and events
**Please note the change in prices due to increase in rent, and other operational costs*
For scholarship information please email Brittany at Harbourtowndance@yahoo.com

Class fees for Fall 2 Session, Winter Session, and Spring Session (8-week sessions)
​45 min class: $90 ($11.25 per class)
1 hr class: $100 ($12.50 per hour)
2 hrs: $192 ($12.00 per hour)
3 hrs: $276 ($11.50 per hour)
4 hrs: $352 ($11.00 per hour)
5 hrs: $420 ($10.50 per hour)
6+ hrs: $480 ($10.00 per hour)

Class Fees for Summer 2023 (6-week session) 
45 min class: $67 ($11.25 per class)
1 hr class: $75 ($12.50 per hour)
2 hrs: $144 ($12.00 per hour)
3 hrs: $207 ($11.50 per hour)
4 hrs: $276 ($11.00 per hour)
5 hrs: $315 ($10.50 per hour)
6+ hrs: $360 ($10.00 per hour)

Save 8% if you pay for two sessions at a time
Save 10% if you pay for the whole year​

​Private lessons: $25 per 30 min, $40 per 45 min, $55 per 60 min (choreo fee not included)
Class Attire:


**Includes all levels of ballet, including Intro classes and Ballet/Jazz Combo classes**

Black leotard, ballet pink tights (transition tights recommended), and light pink leather or canvas ballet shoes. 

Black shorts and black or pink dance skirts may be worn over leotard. Black or pink leg warmers and sweaters/body wrappers are permitted during cold weather.

Hair should always be pulled back in a bun (or secured off face if short hair). 


Girls wear leotard and shorts or shorty unitard in any colors. Boys wear t-shirt or tank and shorts. NO BAGGY CLOTHES!    No tights or shoes will be worn for acro class. All students should have hair pulled back in ponytail if applicable.


Black leotard, either black or tan footless or transition tights, and black shorts. Bare feet or paws, or ballet shoes may be worn.

Hair must be secured off face, in either ponytail or bun unless otherwise instructed for choreography purposes. 

Musical Theatre Tap and Jazz:

Girls wear black leotard and either black shorts, leggings, or jazz pants. Boys wear plain black t-shirt and black shorts or pants.

Black or tan tap shoes in either jazz or character style may be worn for tap portion of class. Pink/black ballet shoes, Black/tan character shoes, or black/tan jazz shoes may be worn for jazz portion of class.